To Fire Or Not To Fire: That Is The Question

  • It's morning and we still don't know if President Obama is going to fire Stanley McChrystal for his whining or not! McChrystal already sent in his resignation, but Obama hasn't decided whether to accept it or not. He's probably doing that typical Obama thing where he's carefully weighing his options and talking with subject matter experts before making a decision, but he also may just be letting McChrystal stew, because Barry hates General Jerky Pants and wants him to suffer. Meanwhile, all this nonsense is making America look bad in front of the Foreigns. "Yes, we do hear them disparage each other," said a senior European diplomat, who works on Afghan issues and no doubt sounded smug and superior. "It's never good to hear that." [NYT]
  • If all the Tea Party nominees end up getting elected to the Senate, that body will go from a bunch of pompous, glad-handing assholes to a body of ideologues that nobody will be able to work with. [Politico]
  • Karl Rove's 527 group, which had goals of raising $52 million for the midterms, raised $200 last month. [WP]
  • Mexico is suing Arizona, over Arizona's law to keep out Mexicans! Wait, can Mexico even do that? [Fox]

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