To the Tune of a Gajillion Dollars

* Even though Karl will soon be but a hideous memory, he will live on in the hearts and minds of countless political mercenaries pimping out their horrible candidates for generations to come. [NYT]

* Democrats will keep trying to get Karl under oath, and now that he's going to be a private citizen or whatever, they might even be able to hold him in the vaguely bad-sounding contempt of Congress, punishable by nothing. [WP]

* Just like the soldiers actually serving in Iraq, Robert Gates has decided just to do what he's told and try to make it out alive. [NYT]

* Mitt Romney has a ton of money to spend making sure we all hear all the stupid things he has to say. [WP]

* It's shit-sack resignation week here in Washington, and the whole town is guessing who's going to be next. [Politico]

* The Border Patrol is asking for volunteers to help build a moat around the country as Bush is pulling the National Guard from the Mexican border, but at least he's withdrawing troops from somewhere. [WT]

* Gonzo will soon have the power to kill anyone he wants, but obviously he's far to level headed to ever use this authority for ill. [LAT]

* CNN resets date of GOP YouTube debate, perhaps in the hope that some less hateful questions might happen to be sent in. [USAT]


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