To Which Television Job Is This Latest Vapid Political Daughter Entitled?


Abby Huntsman is the 26-year-old daughter of Utah owner and 94th-place finisher in the 2012 Republican primaries, Jon Huntsman. She made a couple of wacky YouTubes with her two sisters ("hehe, look at how funny we are, we're so crazy, aren't we precious?") before her father lost, in shame. And now, what's this, she wants to parlay this experience into a job at a major media network, as is her birthright? Well hell, let's crown her as owner of Viacom and editor of the New York Motherfucking Times and bow our heads in prayer.

Meghan McCain, remember Meghan McCain? We were so mean to her. But now she's the elder of these wealthy daughters who instantly get jobs once their parents lose elections. We respect Meghan. She figured out the idea and took plenty of nastiness and she survived. (Wait, did she? We're not sure.) Go Meghan!

But. What. Is. This. Shit?

Huntsman — who married Jeff Livingston in the National Cathedral in August 2010 — says she’s still trying to figure out which cable news network she’ll eventually settle down with. She’s spent several mornings on CNN, made some appearances on MSNBC and is in talks with a few others she’s not naming.

"I’m in the process of finding the right family," she says of landing somewhere permanently.

Beyond her media gigs, Huntsman acts as her dad’s spokeswoman, a role she also played with his failed presidential campaign during which she often booked television gigs. Her father once yearned to be a foreign correspondent for a news agency, she says, noting that’s where she caught the journalism bug.

How nice that she gets a choice, the national television channel of her choice. Oh, but there are so many different networks out there to choose from. Daddy, tell me where to work. Daddy, pick me a network. I want the television anchor pony now, Daddy.

Here is Abby Huntsman's recent contribution to the Huffington Post, "Is the Media's ADD Hurting Our Country?" Yes, sure.



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