Today in Kamen: Canadians, Dictators, Contractors, and the Rest of the Dregs of Society

neilposter.jpgWe like Al Kamen. But the Post website seems to screw him over -- big Milbank pictures on the homepage every other damn day but we have to squint to find Kamen's byline? The day Dana Milbank proves that a Senator is into fisting is the day that'll be fair.

Today, Kamen lets us know that Canada has an army!

The Canadian government's three-week subway poster campaign to remind Americans of our northern cousins' military efforts in Afghanistan has been a success, Canadian officials said last week.

Lots of "positive feedback" to the $18,000 campaign, says embassy spokesman Bernard Etzinger , from U.S. military personnel, Hill folks and others. Posters showing a Canadian soldier with Afghans were put in seven area subway stops -- especially at the Pentagon -- and places where riders change trains.

Who knew? Good on them, sending out a couple trained killer moose and some tallboys of Molson to help keep the world safe from terror. Not that they really have any terror. Except for the hellish Orwellian nightmare of socialized health care. And polar bears, probably. But we think the reason people forget about Canada's contribution to the Long, Long, Long, Long War might be that they've been big babies about it and refused to help in Iraq or make secret plans to nuke Iran with us.

Also in this column: Condi's photo-op with a friendly dictator (we're hoping it becomes the Rummy/Hussein of 2016), and Kellogg, Brown, and Root fucks up elementary school construction in another country. Has KBR ever built a school that didn't fall apart? We thought they were the worst company in America because of evil, not just for being really bad at building stuff.

Photo-Op Frames a Shot [WP]


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