Today in Obscure Resignations: Hector Barreto Leaving the SBA


When Bradley Belt stepped down as the head of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, we were on the scene. When Bruce James resigned from the Government Printing Office, we were all over the story.

Well, the Administration shake-up continues. Today we bring you the breaking, super-exciting news that Hector V. Barreto is resigning as head of the Small Business Administration. He is leaving to head up The Latino Coalition, a D.C.-based Hispanic advocacy organization.

Okay, this isn't as juicy as Cheney getting canned and replaced by Condi. And Barreto's resignation announcement seems pretty straightforward. But if there's more here than meets the eye, let us know.

(Wow, we sure are wonky around here, aren't we? Watch out, Al Kamen, we're after your turf!)

Update: Some of you may recall Barreto as the sixth-worst hack ini the Bush Administration, as determined by The New Republic. According to TNR, Barreto badly bungled the SBA's response to Hurricane Katrina.

SBA Administrator Resigning To Become Chair Of Prominent Hispanic Organization [PR Newswire]

Hector Barreto: Still A Hack [TNR]

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