Today In Obsessive Coverage of Everything Katherine Harris Does and Says

The St. Petersburg Times blog caught a bit of Katy on a local news show. Here's, uh, the relevant passage:

Harris: "I haven't worn blue eye shadow since 7th grade and some of those photographs had me in blue eye shadow.''
Fountain: "But you don't really think the newspapers doctored your photos?
Harris: "I just question why there was blue eye shadow. But it doesn't matter. Why are we talking about this? Kathy, that's so silly. Because people care about the issues. If the media wants to talk about appearances that's different, but I'm not going to talk about it. That's demeaning to women...They don't talk about men's balding or their weight, or their diminutive size." [emphasis ours]

Now what could that mean? No, seriously, does that actually mean what we think that means? Wow, Katherine, you're really in this to win, aren't you? We gotta say, we don't know much about Senator Nelson's... size... but we do know no one would ever think to call anything about you "diminutive."

From local TV it was on to national magazines, as Harris sent a poison pen letter to one William F. Buckley, promising to sock him in the goddam face -- no, sorry, saying she was "disappointed in the short-sighted editorial of April 10 for I will be the next senator from Florida." She goes on to quote what "leaders in my state are saying about me," including such breathless praise as:

* "If she concentrates on taking it to Bill Nelson, she'll have a great chance."

* And of course, Governor Bush, who told the media we could win just months ago, last week said of my campaign, "It can be turned around."

Seriously, Katherine, we are doing all we can short of actually donating money to get you elected, but you keep making our jobs a lot harder. Here's how you should've responded to Buckley:


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