dukestir.jpgAfter a terribly exciting coupla days, there was almost nothing today. Seriously, pick up the ball, entire rest of the press. Thank god for Ken Silverstein, our new favorite reporter, who's just delivered his latest installment -- Brant "Nine Fingers" Basset (the noted Dick Tracy villain) is moving into a central role, which we're happy to hear. We thought he had a lot of potential when we first heard the name, and we're happy to see him recognize it.

Today we learn that Nine Fingers, like Dusty Foggo, has old San Diego connections to Brent Wilkes, the briber/corrupter at the heart of the whole thing. Nine Fingers apparently "positioned" Foggo to be promoted and join his fellow poker buddies in Langley.

The question remains: Why the hell did Goss promote Foggo and surround himself with so many people with direct, personal connections to Brent Wilkes?

Oh, and we know you want sex, so here's an anonymous email we got earlier today that we haven't confirmed and that we are more or less certain is embellished:

I have a boat on the SW waterfront, same marina that the Duke-Stir once floated in.

Did you know that a number of people in the marina were phoned (on their personal cell phones, no less) by a San Diego reporter just after Duke was sentenced. This reporter was looking for confirmation about the "wild sex parties" on the Duke-Stir, and wanted to know if we had seen "porn, sex toys, and 5 large bottles of K Y Jelly" on the boat. Not 4 bottles, not 6, not small .... Well, no one was willing to admit to seeing such things. But we were interested by the question alone. Perhaps those things were left on the boat when Duke - er, Brent Wilkes; er, Mitchel Wade - bought it from two flaming Queens. At that time the boat was name "Buoy Toy." Anywho - I do know that Duke once watched my friend's dog, who chew threw his Penthouse. Apparently the dog is a member of the moral majority.

We are, of course, following up on the portions of this that might be true.

"Nine Fingers" and the Third Man [Harper's]


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