Today Is a Pride Parade

* After spearheading the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, John Warner will facilitate his own withdrawal from the Senate. [Political Wire]

* Military panel decides that the troops should have their porn. [Raw Story]

* NRSC head John Ensign says if he was a homo senator like Larry Craig, he'd probably go ahead and step down in order to keep being a homo as a private citizen. [TPM Election Central]

* PDF transcript of Craig interrogation released: Dude can bash homos like he's Tucker Carlson. [TPM (PDF)]

* When it comes to Craig's written work, let's not let Freud have all the fun. [Fresh Intelligence]

* Ted Haggard, another disgraced Republican homo, just had his invitation to a men's halfway house revoked. [Pandagon]

* White House might replace Gonzo with no one, and no one could do a better job .[Capitol Hill Blue]


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