Today, the WH Briefing, Tomorrow, No Longer at the Briefing

Garrett Is The ManNo one could be more thrilled than we are that a blogger is attending the daily White House briefing. As we've said, we'd like to see more gay hookers in the gaggle, not fewer, and blogging is about as close to turning tricks one can come without actually making any money. And from what we understand, the blogger in question, Garrett Graff (of "FishbowlDC"), is a perfect representative of the way-new, outside-the-mainstream, fuck-the-man blogging ethos. He was the editor of the Harvard Crimson, people! What's more "fringe" than that? Maybe editor of the New Republic.

Seriously: Congrats to Garrett. He deserves praise for all the hard work he did to secure the pass (we gather it had to do with something called a "phone," and talking to "people"). We just hope he doesn't get hazed too much once he gets there: Whatever they say, Scott does not expect you to do the first briefing in your panties.

Terry Moran just likes it that way.

White House Approves Pass for Blogger [NYT]


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