Today We Are All Pissed Off New Yorkers


Yeah, yeah. Our last line of defense in channeling cosmopolitan agita to its plausibly blamable source, the New York Times, says that Bloomberg did the right thing, even if it was a major migraine for weekend subwaygoers. And even if the terror alert was one giant soup-to-nuts hornswoggle:

The informant [who contrived the hoax] has since disappeared in Iraq, and the Defense Department has not been able to locate him, city and federal officials said.

So an industrious Iraqi looks to make a few extra bucks by causing widespread panic and fear as far as half a world away. Hey, if stooging for Rummy's house is bust, Anna Wintour is always hiring.

About That Subway Alert [NYT]

NY Threat May Have Been a Hoax [WaPo]


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