Today's Theme Is 'Doomed Ventures'

  • Iran sent a representative to the Hague for an international conference and said that a troop buildup in Afghanistan probably won't help there, but that Iran will help with reconstruction and anti drug-trafficking efforts. If you're an American paper, the headline is "Iran Critical of U.S. Troop Buildup in Afghanistan." If you're British, the headline is "Iran offers to help US rebuild Afghanistan." Why are US reporting organs so gloomy? [Washington Post, Guardian]
  • The monster who ran the Khmer Rouge's worst torture center, now on trial for genocide, said he was sorry and that he was just following orders. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Google has started up a venture capital fund because all of their other money-losing ideas have been exhausted. [Official Google Blog]
  • Japan's unemployment rate hit a three-year high, rising to 4.4 percent. Still sounds pretty OK, right? Like, 4.4 percent is what the US has when things are going well. [AFP]
  • President Obama leaves Washington today in preparation for the Group of 20 summit on Thursday. (He needed to get there early to establish "sterile areas" and learn how to drive a car.) [Dow Jones Newswires]
  • The problem with GM's restructuring plan was that it didn't move dramatically or fast enough. [New York Times]

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