Todd Akin Explains 'Legitimate Rape' To Mike Huckabee With Wheelchairs And 9/11


Yesterday, Rep. Todd Akin, who is the GOP nominee for the US Senate in Missouri, made a comment declaring thatwomen who experienced "legitimate rape" could not get pregnant.

Today, Man-Who-Used-To-Be-Skinny Mike Huckabee had Akin on his show to handhold him through a damage control interview. About two minutes in, Huckabee asks Akin if he meant "forcible rape" rather than "legitimate rape," which Akin flop-sweats into agreement with. (Why "forcible rape" changes the nature of the vagina, I do not know, but I am sadly not the expert that a sitting Congressman is.)

After a while, Huckabee asks Akin whether he expected more support through this tough time, and this is when Akin's Giuliani brain kicks in and goes buck fucking wild (starts at 8:08):


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