Todd Palin 'Love Child' Rumor Completes Todd Palin Affair Scorecard

Todd Palin 'Love Child' Rumor Completes Todd Palin Affair Scorecard

To go along with the rumors that Todd Palinhas had affairs and sexed prostitutes, the National Enquirer is now reporting that Todd Palin has one of those "love children" with a woman who is not Sarah Palin. This is said to "RUIN HER CHANCE FOR WHITE HOUSE," which would be the most shocking revelation of all in this article, of course, because it would mean Sarah Palin once had a shot at the presidency. (Or this is just sly wording, and refers to the paint color on her Alaska hill-country lair.) So has Todd seen this supposed child of his? Does he love it, or is it impossible to love a baby that doesn't have Down syndrome?

To summarize this story, the Enquirer has heard this rumor. Alaska Palin bloggers have heard this rumor too. Very rumor, very sex, very Todd Palin.

Also, the Enquirer is reporting Bristol Palin got in a Facebook war of misspelled words with her boyfriend. Startling! Are they sure those two didn't have a disagreement on the works of Marcel Proust? [Immoral Minority]


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