Todd Palin Testifies In 'Troopergate,' Is Basically Responsible For Everything


The First Lady of Alaska, Todd Palin, delivered a sworn statement about his role in "Troopergate" to investigators after an IN-THE-TANKAlaskan judge made him do so. In the testimony, Todd admits that he pushed for FIVE AND A HALF YEARS or so to get his ex-brother-in-law fired from the Police Force -- but that his wife did not fire public safety commissioner Walt Monegan because of his refusal to do so. Todd claims that his wife fired Monegan because Monegan kept telling her to put baby Trig in car seats, and also something about "travelling to the Bush." Hell is going on here?

Now this sounds particularly devastating -- to the OBAMABOTS, the Liberals, who don't care about such Main Street values as exerting undue influence in governmental decisions:

Todd Palin talked with over a dozen state officials, many of them repeatedly, in his crusade to get a state trooper fired whom he considered to be a bad cop, a dishonest person and a threat to the Palin family, according to his sworn statement given Wednesday to a legislative investigator.

The 25-page statement from Gov. Sarah Palin's husband, in response to questions submitted by the investigator, shows that Todd Palin's efforts started before his wife became governor and accelerated during the first 19 months of her administration.

If this state trooper was such an unsavory fellow who was making death threats and abusing gals or whatever, why didn't the Palins just call other police officers and have him arrested, for breaking the law? Because that would be considerably less fun than PULLING STRINGS and using BACK CHANNELS of course.

Palin's testimony denies that Governor Palin fired public safety commissioner Walt Monegan for refusing to fire this trooper. Instead, it was these weird things:

He said his understanding is that Monegan lost his job due to a "dispute with the governor and her staff over budget issues and failure to fill trooper vacancies."

He also suggested there was bad blood between the governor and Monegan over two other matters:

1) An inquiry from Monegan to the governor about whether she once failed to put her Trig, her infant, in a car seat while she was driving.

2) The unavailability of a state trooper airplane for the governor's use when traveling to the Bush.

Ha ha, so she fired Monegan because he thought she was a shittier mother than Britney Spears, and also because he wouldn't lend her his plane when she wanted to go get some pussy. Also, this was after SHE SOLD HER OWN FREAKING PLANE.

And now Todd Palin is just cold getting stoned and snowmobiling, waiting for that full Troopergate report to come out tomorrow.

Todd Palin campaigned years to get trooper fired [Anchorage Daily News]


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