Toe-Sucking Cretin Promises To Leave Country

Taking a dump - WonketteForgotten scumbag Dick Morris has finally given us a reason to support Hillary in '08: He says he'll leave the country if she wins!

A corrupt clown who briefly held some Rovian role in the Clinton White House until his gross whoring habits became public knowledge, Morris apparently just says idiotic nonsense on Fox News these days. Appearing on Hannity & Colmes -- now hosted by someone named Karen Hanretty, which is pretty close! -- Morris offered this surreal 2008 analysis:

"[Obama's] the best thing that's ever happened to Hillary Clinton. Because he can't win. You think about the guy for five minutes and you're not gonna vote for him .... Obama's in fact a better first than [Clinton] is. First black is better than first woman, in politics."

Dick Morris: I'm Leaving if Hillary Wins [NewsMax]


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