Toilet Snake Will Cheer You Up!

  • Today marks the first anniversary of the earthquake in China that killed a whole bunch of kids in poorly built schools. [New York Times]
  • The US government says we killed about 50 Afghan civilians last week in a big battle against the Taliban; however, Afghans put the number around 140. [Los Angeles Times]
  • California is just so screwed, budget-wise, and a May 19 ballot will determine just how screwed. [Reuters]
  • Secretary of Defense Bob Gates fired our main military commander in Afghanistan and replaced him with a special ops guy. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • A "combat stress clinic" couldn't stop a freaked-out soldier from killing five of his comrades in Iraq. [Washington Post]
  • And if all this news makes it sound like most of the world is going to have a pretty bad day, well, just be glad you aren't that guy in Taiwan who got bitten on the peen by a toilet snake. [Reuters]

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