Told Y'all The Ellipses In Trump's Ukraine Crime Call Meant Something!

Well well well! We didn't know which of the witnesses testifying about Donald Trump's crimes would start to shed light on why the partial transcript Donald Trump released of his crime call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy contained ellipses in the most curious of places. Turns out it was Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. It makes sense it would be somebody who works in the White House, and who was on the call.

Vindman testified for more than 10 hours on Tuesday. The New York Timesreports that Vindman testified not only that he was on the call, he also attempted to make edits for accuracy that mysteriously did not end up in the partial transcript Trump released. We don't know exactly what this means, but it tells us there's somethin' behind those ellipses!

Surprise, a good bit of it is Biden stuff, apparently:

The omissions, Colonel Vindman said, included Mr. Trump's assertion that there were recordings of former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. discussing Ukraine corruption, and an explicit mention by Ukraine's president, Volodymyr Zelensky, of Burisma Holdings, the energy company whose board employed Mr. Biden's son Hunter.

Vindman said some of his edits got in, some didn't. Those didn't.

Colonel Vindman did not testify to a motive behind the White House editing process. But his testimony is likely to drive investigators to ask further questions about how officials handled the call, including changes to the transcript and the decision to put it into the White House's most classified computer system — and whether those moves were meant to conceal the conversation's most controversial aspects.

A coverup in the Trump White House? THE FUCK YOU SAY.

The part where Trump was talking about tapes of Biden happens in the transcript where these ellipses appear:

Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it


It sounds horrible to me.

It DOES sound horrible! No, not the Biden stuff, the Donald Trump extorting a foreign leader to investigate his political rival while holding up military aid Congress had appropriated stuff.

We don't want this news to detract from the fact that the partial transcript we have is damned incriminating enough, just absolutely awful, and if Trump is too stupid to understand why it's so full of crime, that simply means he's stupid. But this is interesting and tells us more about exactly what was going on in the White House after Trump and Zelenskiy hung up the phone.

If you've watched your MSNBC in the past 12 hours, they've had on experts like former ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul to shed light on the process of transcribing presidential phone calls. The short version is that it's not an exact transcription, but more like a very fast note-taking, with experts on hand to clear up any confusion, like if the president says a proper name that doesn't immediately make sense to the note taker or to the transcription software, which does exist. After the call is over, everybody works together to make sure the "transcript" has everything it needs to, which is apparently what Vindman was trying to do. Oh yeah, and reportedly there is not a recording.

But in this case, it sounds like the "transcript" got spirited into the secret Bin Laden server for America's most closely guarded secrets and Trump's most PERFECTEST treason phone calls too fast for Vindman's edits about Trump yammering about LORDY I THINK THERE ARE TAPES of Joe Biden to make the final cut. Sounds like NSC lead counsel John Eisenberg (who keeps showing up everywhere!) thought the call was too crime-y and damning to let it get out, and decided it had to be loaded onto the secret server ASAP.

But it was a perfect phone call! And Trump has nothing to hide!

Hell, just yesterday on Twitter, the idiot was tweeting about how perfect the call was and encouraging Vindman to READ THE TRANSCRIPT, so he could see how perfect it was. He really wants everybody to READ THE TRANSCRIPT, which he has been swearing on the Bible is an "exact word-for-word transcript." (Again, it is not, and he does not actually want his followers to read it, he's just saying that because he knows his followers don't actually read things far beyond the menu at Chick-fil-A and even then they move their lips.)

Sorry, President Cockwaffle, but Vindman was on the call. He heard you say the crimes. And then when he tried to add some of the times you inappropriately discussed investigations into your political rival Joe Biden, they didn't get added. Maybe Congress will find out why when it questions Vindman's boss Tim Morrison, Russia and Europe director on the National Security Council, on Thursday.

Anyway, this just leaves us with more questions, and you can bet Adam Schiff and the House investigators have more questions, about the coverup aspect of Trump's latest crime wave.

Trump's shit-tweeting about Vindman this morning, by the way:

LOL, dumbshit, everybody knows there was a quid pro quo, even Trump's trusty EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland now suddenly remembers there was a quid pro quo, as he told Congress last week. Not that it matters, because the quid pro quo isn't the central crime, OPENLY ASKING FOREIGN COUNTRIES TO MEDDLE IN THE 2020 ELECTION TO HELP TRUMP GET RE-ELECTED IS THE CENTRAL CRIME. Also all the rest of it.

Trump also really wants Republicans to focus on the "substance" instead of the "infair process" of the impeachment inquiry, because that would be smart:

You betcha, Stable Genius. Solid plan.

More witnesses in Congress today! Drip drip drip drip!

[New York Times]

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