Tom Brokaw Hates The Gays!

brok.jpgGay activist Frank Kameny got so mad while reading Tom Brokaw's latest book, BOOM! Voices of the Sixties, that he took his feathered quill, dipped it in pink ink, and wrote Tom Brokaw a really, really mean letter. Addressed to Brokaw and his editors at Random House, Kameny was angered mostly over how Brokaw failed to tip his hat the gays. By "simply delet[ing] the momentous events of that decade which led to the vastly altered and improved status of gays in our culture today.... One does not hear even one single gay voice in your book. The silence is complete and deafening." Radar reported that "at post time, attempts to contact Brokaw and his editor at Random House, like his book, were fruitless." Hi-O! Brokaw No Friend of the Gays? {Radar]


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