Tom DeLay Tells Amazing Story, Which Is Probably A Lie, But Still


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Is this really what's happening now? Snarling, hateful criminal Tom DeLay signs up to be a contestant on a teevee celebrity dance show, probably to pay his legal bills, and because he's "in the news again," cable news channels invite this well known lying mcliarton onto their shows to tell awful lies about current health care legislation. All that aside, this is quite the comical image: "When I did my town hall meetings, I'll never forget one back in the '80s -- on health care, by the way. They brought in quadriplegics on gurneys and dumped them on the floor in front of my podium." DUMPED!

Most likely another lie, but either way, people should start doing this at health care town halls! Doesn't matter what side you're on; anyone can do this and it will always be hilarious! People of all political stripes will unite to bear witness. "Look at those guys down there, on the floor! This is insane! I'm having such a fun time watching this! You too? Rock and roll! But seriously WTF?!"

Does DeLay's Angry Quadriplegic Town Hall Protesters Tale Add Up? [TPM Muckraker]


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