Tom Petty Threatens To Sue Michele Bachmann For Using His Song


Everybody hates Michele Bachmann, especially the composer and performer of the classic rock song "American Girl," which Grandma Bachmann has been illegally using at her campaign events.

Raw Story reports:

Tom Petty may be taking legal action to make sure Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann stops using his songs at her campaign events.

“NBC News: @TomPetty unhappy with Michele Bachmann’s use of ‘American Girl’ and in process of issuing [a cease and desist] letter,” Matt Ortega reported on Twitter only hours after hours after Bachmann used the popular song to kick off her campaign ....

Petty also issued a cease and desist letter to then-Governor George W. Bush for illegally using “I won’t back down” at his rallies.

Petty's lawyers suggested Bachmann should instead use his cover version of the Count Five's "Psychotic Reaction." [Raw Story]


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