Tom Tancredo Keeps American Buffalo Alive

Glengarry.jpgWe were pointed to an article in the Rocky Mountain News today that offered a rare insight into the office atmosphere of Colorado representative Tom Tancredo. Apparently, strict communication rules are enforced by everyone who works in or communicates with Tancredo's office, and those rules basically boil down to: speak in the hard-boiled tone of David Mamet's classic dramas.

Throughout the article, Tancredo and his staffers are shown peppering their language with cursewords, adding colorful phrases and overall speaking in clipped monosyllable that we can easily imagine being barked aloud by the Al Pacinos and the William Macys of the world:

"I want this underlying bill. That's what I want. There are so many fuckin' egos involved in this already."

"It's kind of a new role for you, trying to hold shit together instead of blowing it apart."

"You got leadership to blink. Now I think they're squinting."

"You're not going to let them outflank the Tanc, are you?"

And our favorite, from Tancredo himself:

"This hurts me? Hurt me like this all day long. Hurt me. Hurt me. That kind of shit doesn't hurt me."

Damn. I'm telling you. This is good dialogue. You don't need to guess Tancredo's credo. It's: always be closing. America's Mexican border, that is.


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