Tom Tancredo Outrage: Southern Anti-Immigrant Group and/or Groups Held South Carolina BBQ!

Tom Tancredo about to strangle a Mexican - WonketteIn the latest Republican Running For Re-election Haunted by Semi-Racist Campaign Behavior -- also known as "election season" -- Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo is in hot water for maybe speaking to a "hate group."

Join us for confusing allegations and secret racialist code-names, after the jump.

The problem is that everyone involved uses code names.

The organization accusing Tancredo of being a racist is the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is actually an organization that bankrupts racist groups.

The two groups in South Carolina (crucial to the outcome of Colorado's 6th Congressional District) are called League of the South (which wants to secede from the U.S. and restore pre-Civil War southern culture, like finally having slaves again!) and Americans Have Had Enough!, some sort of mysterious non-profit dedicated to sending all the goddamned Mexicans back to wherever they came from.

Anyway, there were confederate flags and the usual regalia that usually (but not always!) tells you there's some "southern culture on the skids."

Also, Tancredo apparently thinks he's going to be the GOP nominee for president in 2008, which is kind of funny when you realize he's a 3-foot-tall lawn gnome in a comical toupee. If that wasn't bad enough, Karl Rove hates Tancredo's guts and actually told Tancredo to never "darken the doorstep" of the White House again ... which sounds kind of racist, too!

Wouldn't it be swell if groups had to be named under free-market principles? You know, so you'd have some idea what they were up to? Then candidates could speak at Negro-Free Jesus-Nut University, or a BBQ held by Let's Make Blacks Slaves Again, and then attend a rally with Chase the Fucking Mexicans Back To Mexico.

Finally, here's something funny: the League of the South's blog is called "Los Blog." Sellouts! Bet your kids eat microwave burritos and you can't make cornbread from a box mix!

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