Tom Tancredo Quitting Congress, Retiring To Mexico

Excitable GOP troll Tom Tancredo says he won't run for re-election because he's too busy being angry about Mexicans, even though his presidential campaign continues to inspire nobody, not even the angry hordes of AM talk-radio listeners who should be supporting him. Tancredo, currently running near the bottom of the dozen or so Republican candidates (but probably over Ron Paul), made the announcement after some baseball game last night.

The five-term congressman represents a "solidly Republican" Denver suburb that kept electing him no matter what crazy gibberish he spouted, so Colorado's 6th District will presumably elect another nut. Maybe the next one will be worried about space aliens.

What do you do after retiring from the House and running a presidential campaign nobody noticed? Run for the Senate, of course!

Tancredo is reportedly talking about going against Democrat Ken Salazar in 2010. Why? Because Salazar is a Mexican Helper, that's why. Salazar probably walks around the Senate speaking to himself in Spanish. And what kind of name is "Salazar," anyway? Tom Tancredo will find out!

Tancredo says he's leaving Congress [Rocky Mountain News]


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