Tonight: Live-Blogging The Greatest GOP Debate Ever

Is that Mike Gravel? - WonketteAnd what will make tonight's debate so awesome? No Rudy Giuliani! No Walnuts McCain! No Mitt Romney! And of course, like always, no Hollywood Fred Thompson. It will basically be Tavis Smiley and Ron Paul politely calling each other racists while a hostile all-black crowd watches, with hostility. Oh yeah, and we also get a special appearance by Alan Keyes, who will boldly stand up for Tom Tancredo and call everybody else racists.

So, what can you expect tonight beginning at 9 p.m. Eastern Time? Not too much, if the Voter Question PBS put on the website is any indication:

"I have health insurance but my worry is it is not enough. I fear either myself or my children getting very ill and my ins. co deciding they are not going to pay what they promised."

DPWilliams, Winston-Salem, NC

That's a great point about the mental illness problem in this country!

Here's another Featured Comment:

"Do you think American society is on the decline and what role do you think minorities will play in our country's role in the world in the future?"

A Viewer, New York, NY

The answer is "Yes" and "You'll still be poor, but more so."

Let's all prepare for tonight's fun by hitting Happy Hour on the way home and then forgetting to watch the debate. It all starts in just five hours!

All-American Presidential Forums on PBS [PBS]


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