Sellout.Former British Prime Minister and newly minted Catholic Tony Blair is secretly hot for John McCain, and now we have a single innocuous-sounding out-of-context quote to prove it! In an interview with the Times Online, he suggested that he prefers American politicians who embrace free trade -- which might have meant Hillary Clinton if her most famous free-trade advocate hadn't just stepped down. So instead Tony will have to settle for John McCain, for whom he is, as we said, secretly hot.

Here are the exact words that came out of his mouth the other day in a stammering, poncey accent:

I think you can see the Republicans in the US who are on the pro-immigration side of the debate, on the pro-free-trade side, the Americans who are Democrats but protectionist. I think the thing that has come home to me most since leaving office is just the speed at which the world is opening up.

So yes, he is pulling for John McCain, and for Armageddon.

What Tony Blair thinks about John McCain [Comment Central]


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