Tony Snow: America's Greatest White House Press Secretary

John Kerry & Lurch had a baby boy! - WonketteThe job of the White House press secretary is to lie about what the president is doing and cover up what the administration has already done. It's not an easy job, which is why so many spokesmen have recently quit to spend more time with Andy Card's family.

But there's no strain visible on Tony Snow. A consummate professional -- he used to lie on the cable news, too -- Snow has raised the bar for all future press secretaries. He doesn't just "bend the truth" or tell little lies; Snow will stand right there in front of the teevee camera and claim the Bush White House didn't start the war in Iraq! It's an awesome thing to behold. And did you know Greenpeace is developing nuclear weapons?

Also, unlike WH spokesmen of the past who at least weakly pretended to be impartial, Snow is a big campaigner for GOP candidates approved by the Bush Administration. To the loyal 30%, he's a hero.

The Spokesman Made for Cable [White House Watch]


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