Tony Snow, Senior Administration Official to be Played By Hayley Mills, Hayley Mills

Oh, honestly, Tony...

MR. SNOW: Greetings. Welcome to Amman. First, I am joined by my close personal friend, Senior Administration Official, for a background briefing on the President's dinner with the King of Jordan. So let me introduce to one and all, Senior Administration Official, to give you a readout and then answer your questions.


Not even trying anymore. And apparently no one gives a shit, as this this man of intrigue -- along with yesterday's Mystery Twins -- made it into this Post story!

We like to think he shouts "everyone look over there!" while pressing a button on his ring that activates his spring-loaded, super-shrinking Senior Administration Official costume. You know, like the Flash. Except slower and with lies.

Background Briefing by a Senior Administration Official on the President's Dinner with His Majesty King Abdullah of Jordan [White House]

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