Tony Snow Uses Up All His Sick Days, Employers Force Him to Return to Briefing Room

Not even cancer can stop this man from bravely lying to the American people - WonketteSorry, Dana Perino fans, Tony Snow's coming back to work on Monday. Sort of? Maybe?

While White House aides expected Snow's recovery to take longer, the press secretary said he "healed up" from last month's abdominal surgery sooner than expected and is eager to get back to work, though he's not exactly sure when he will back on camera in the White House briefing room.

While this seems like a terrible idea at first, it's really a cunning plan by the White House. The entire press corps will have to be very nice to him because he HAS CANCER.

Seriously, Tony, stay home. If we had a "deputy" to fill in for us whenever we needed it we wouldn't get out of bed with a damn headache.

Tony Snow to Return to White House Post Next Week [CNN]


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