Tony Williams: Not Nerdy Enough to Blog?

The Washington Post reports on the erratic career of Mayor Tony Williams, blogger. The mayor's blog has been largely dormant since he kicked it off on August 15, with an enthralling post called "Getting Started: What Button Do I Push?" Some 44 DC residents have posted comments to the blog, but his honor didn't follow up with another entry till this Monday.

Meanwhile, Post reporter Eric M. Weiss notes that Second Ward Council Member is the reigning geek among city elected officials, with an RSS feed and a weekly pod cast available on his Web site. "It's like a fireside chat," Evans told Weiss about his way-new media platform. "What we're seeing is, people like to be touched and answered."

Hell, Marion Barry figured that out years ago.

Mayor Punctuates His New Blog with Silence [WaPo]

District of Columbia Mayor's Office: Mayor's Blog


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