Tony Zirkle's Segregation Plan: Crazy Enough To Work?

He has the black, beady eyes of a cantaloupe rapistIndiana's favorite perpetual Congressional candidate Tony Zirkle, the Republican crackpot who once proposed using the guillotine on "porn pimps," has another innovative new idea for America: segregation! And his Congressional opponents have called his "fringe lunatic" antics "divisive, hateful, and uninformed," because those opponents are boring people who fear exciting new ideas.

In an interview with the Kokomo Perspective, a weekly newspaper, Zirkle spouted buckets of highly quotable loony nonsense such as:

  • "While we are brainwashed with respect to integration and forcing everyone to be together and basically all arguments to the contrary are silenced, historically it's very often been the case that you have to segregate and apartheid people to stop the continual war."
  • "Is [desegregation] working? I don't know. You can't say there is no argument to the contrary. Yes, there have been many advances, but there are still many problems."

And later, in an interview with the South Bend Tribune, he came up with a clever formula for segregating Hispanics and black Latinos:

So how would you divvy up Hispanics?

You can pretty much lump them in with whites, he says.

What about black Latinos whose black roots go back several generations in Latin America? And what about the ever-growing number of mixed races?

"You'd have to let people declare what culture they want to be living in," Zirkle said.

With a political season as scarily absent of real scandal and kooky congressional hijinks as the current one, we can only hope Zirkle gets elected.

Zirkle audio with transcript [Kokomo Perspective]

Segregation worth talking about, says candidate [South Bend Tribune]


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