Too Much Information About Joe Biden's Various Glands

  • Ooh it's a new meaningless national poll! This one has Obama ahead by 8 points, thanks to the endorsement of America's first black president (before Dennis Haysbert, even!), Colin Powell. [Reuters]
  • Ted Stevens said funny things about his bare bottom during his recent corruption trial. [Washington Post]
  • Early voting started strong in a county outside Dallas -- people were lined up to vote half an hour before polls opened, and 3620 people cast their votes Monday. [Tyler Morning Telegraph]
  • Barack Obama campaigned in Orlando yesterday, quoting John McCain and all the smart things he used to say about tax cuts. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Obama also used that line about "are you better off today than you were four weeks ago?", a reference to the old socialist demagogue Ronald Reagan. [Boston Herald]
  • Joe Biden's brain is in sound condition, but his prostate is enlarged. Can America afford to have a vice president with a formerly wonky brain and an enlarged prostate? [WebMD]

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