Too Much Last-Minute Fake News! Time For A Bulleted List

We will be back tonight to provide more blog laffs as we cover the Montana and South Dakota primaries, the final two in this Historic Election between an Historic Black Person and an Historic Woman. Until then, check out the latest gossip and "news" surrounding this End of this Historic Primary Election in History, after the Historic Jump.

  • Drudge has one of those exclusives and guess what? John McCain is giving a big general election kick-off speech tonight too. Drudgey has excerpts from it, and it be meeeeeeean! [Drudge Report]
  • "Hillary Rodham Clinton told colleagues Tuesday she would consider joining Barack Obama as his running mate, and advisers said she was withholding a formal departure from the race partly to use her remaining leverage to press for a spot on the ticket." God damnit! We say "God damnit!" because God damnit, if he doesn't pick her, second-wave feminists will launch something akin to second-wave Paultardism. [AP]
  • Jimmy Carter has... almost... finally... just a little bit more... endorsed Obama. [The Page]
  • A donor asks Clinton what she wants to do; she responds that she's exhausted and also, "There is so much pressure. There is so much pressure." And Hillary can only resolve high-pressure situations at 3 a.m., so everyone shut up until then. [ABC News]

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