Top 15 Most Beautiful Places You Need To See Before You Die. Tabs, Fri., March 6, 2020

Top 15 Most Beautiful Places You Need To See Before You Die. Tabs, Fri., March 6, 2020

How can you NOT politicize coronavirus when voting for the ones who WANT to break the government ends up ... breaking the government?

South Korea's testing 10,000 people a day and has a mortality rate a fraction of anyone else's, and we can't get a test for a nurse who got sick treating a patient.

A disconnect between Trump and health officials on virus. No shit AP? No shit.

Russia's shitposting about the coronavirus. (Washington Post)

Story of our life: Tulsi fails to state claim. (Tulsi Now v. Google Inc suit)

I'm sorry, that was mean.

It was also a bullshit lawsuit like Devin Nunes and Trump are constantly filing though, so. You know who else is mean to Tulsi? And probably not sorry?

How about another?

What Warren Won: A Better Democratic Party. (HuffPo)

Stop Lying America: You Were Never Going to Vote for a Woman for President. Amanda Litman at Cosmo is gutted.

America Punished Elizabeth Warren for Her Competence. Megan Garber at the Atlantic is probably being hysterical.

Charlie Pierce at Esquire is probably being hysterical too.

Nancy Pelosi in Roll Call: "Every time I get introduced as the most powerful woman, I almost cry, because I wish it wasn't true," the California Democrat said. "I so wish we had a woman president."

Hey Data for Progress, could it have been sexism? (Data for Progress)

Don't worry, Robyn's already on it. Turns out labor organizers call you back FAST:

I mean, really Cenk (couple-week-old HuffPo tab I missed on vacation):

In an interview with HuffPost, Uygur said he is a strong supporter of unions, especially at large corporations that aren't sharing profits with their workers. But he said he worries a unionized workforce would bring new legal and bureaucratic costs that TYT can't sustain. The network has a growing subscription base and has raised venture capital money, but faces many of the same headwinds as other online media dealing with the collapse of ad revenue. [...]

Uygur said he was caught off guard by the union effort that appeared on Twitter the day of the meeting, and that it was so early in the process he wasn't sure if it was real or if he was "being punked." He acknowledged that he threw papers in the meeting ― in a downward direction, not toward anyone, he noted ― and that he reprimanded an employee whom he believed to be smiling. According to staffers, Ugyer said it would be funny "later" — an ominous statement they found unsettling. He told HuffPost it wasn't meant to be a threat.

"The person smiling seemed to be openly mocking the idea that the company might not survive after 18 years. And we put all this blood, sweat and tears into it," he said. "I don't find the idea of us going down funny."

You will never smile in this town again.

Here is a tab I have open!

Oh, this judge is not happy about Barr being a shady lying liar about the Mueller Report! Whoops! (Decision)



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