Top Bush Advisor Has Priorities in Order

Claude Allen, President Bush's top domestic advisor, is suspicious of "queers." He once denied Medicaid funds to an impoverished rape victim who wanted an abortion. Or as Allen himself puts it, he's "a jack of all trades." When the versatile bureaucrat isn't advising Bush on "health care, veterans' issues, labor, education, justice, housing, Native American policy" and other domestic issues, he enjoys "reading about the life of William Wilberforce, an 18th century-born British member of Parliament, abolitionist and evangelical Christian." A couple years ago, a pastor named John Piper gave this positive assessment of Wilberforce at a religious conference: "Offending God [is Wilberforce's] essential consideration, not killing a man or imperiling a nation. That is what makes Wilberforce tick. He was not a political pragmatist. He was a radically God-centered Christian who was a politician."

Sounds like a great role model for a domestic policy advisor!

Bush's Domestic Adviser Is 'a Jack of All Trades' [WaPo]

Peculiar Doctrines, Public Morals, and the Political Welfare []


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