Top Celebrities Go From Slunder To Fabulous Success! Tabs, Thurs., March 5, 2020


Politico says Warren considering ending her campaign. It's all right, it's stupid, it's the absolute worst, and we'll be okay.

Hey Ron Johnson, got a boner for some Biden investigations? Cool awesome you're the best and not an egregious criminal, LOL.


Washington Post: How coronavirus spread in New York in 48 hours. Gee, sure wish we had a president who talked to experts, formulated plans, laid them out neatly and transparently, and had the good of the American people at the forefront of all her energy. Oh well!

Chuck Schumer quoted Brett Kavanaugh's dick words about "reaping the whirwind" back to him and John Roberts acted like NOW those words are A THREAT. Schumer is not backing down to the craven liar. He still has to give up Majority Leader to Liz though. (WaPo or oh wait better, I got you a Dahlia Lithwick from Slate!)

A nice column from Christine Emba on Jill Biden's right tackle. (WaPo)

Two billionaires tried to buy the presidency. How'd that go? I DON'T KNOW, TALKINGPOINTSMEMO, TELL MEEEE!

Anybody know what dipshit's on about?

COVID-19's "unprecedented" tech supply chain interruptions. (TPM)

It's "depressing" for women in a VC world? That can't be right, my old friend Tami Abdollah at!

Chris Hayes: Correct!

Lol wow, would you believe BOTH of these bullshit stories are "the star announced he was investing in CBD"? And that's probably not even true either?

Aren't you glad you send me money so I don't have to take fake Newsmax embarrassing fake ad shit?

Me too.

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