Tornadoes Kill 14, Save Us From Chris Matthews

The Democrats are having a grand old time at their Retreat today -- telling ghost stories, staying up late, falling backwards into each other's arms -- so MSNBC is doing what they do best: wall-to-wall political coverage.

The DNC is holding its annual winter meeting in DC tomorrow, so MSNBC is running another non-stop politics day.

"DNC speakers and presidential candidates scheduled to appear on MSNBC include Senator Chris Dodd, Retired U.S. Army General Wesley Clark and former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack," the P.R. says.

Non-stop, of course, barring deadly weather in Florida.


No Chris Dodd and Tom Vilsack on the tv today? The last time we were this grateful to see a tornado, it was about to kill Bill Paxton.

Non-Stop Politics on MSNBC Friday [TVNewser]


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