Touching Evil: Democrat Shakes Rove's Hand and Lives to Tell Tale

Just because everyone "important" was in Rome doesn't mean that last

night's Radio and Television correspondents dinner wasn't exciting! We

heard this morning that a certain former Kerry campaign-type was

there and used the opportunity to engineer a meeting with his or her


Karl Rove. We asked him or her to share the details of this



(11:54:01) Wonkette: First: How was the dinner? Was *anyone* there?

(11:54:51) SecretDemStaffer: how could a room so full be so empty?

(11:55:17) SecretDemStaffer: groans of "ron silver..." echoing

throughout the room.

(11:55:32) Wonkette: yes, instead of TV anchors: wounded soldiers!

(11:55:42) SecretDemStaffer: men in uniform are yummy.

(11:55:46) SecretDemStaffer: so that helped.

(11:56:22) Wonkette: it's a nice thought but sort of a downer. on the

other hand, how many washington reporters have actually met some who

has served in the military? so it was educational, too, probably.

(11:56:37) SecretDemStaffer: breaking: soldiers drink too.

(11:56:42) Wonkette: i would!

(11:57:45) Wonkette: it was all just a dress rehearsal for prom, anyway

(11:57:49) SecretDemStaffer: sadie hawkins dance.

(11:57:54) Wonkette: exactly

(11:58:08) Wonkette: but the real news, i hear, is that you met karl


(11:58:17) SecretDemStaffer: be still my beating heart.

(11:58:19) Wonkette: could you see his horns?

(11:58:28) Wonkette: the cloven hooves?

(11:58:40) SecretDemStaffer: h.o.t.

Interview continues after the jump.

(11:58:54) Wonkette: did you actually speak?

(11:59:02) Wonkette: i would be incapable, i think

(11:59:11) SecretDemStaffer: there was gushing.

(11:59:30) SecretDemStaffer: from me.

(11:59:36) SecretDemStaffer: and bemusement.

(11:59:37) SecretDemStaffer: from him.

(11:59:42) Wonkette: did he know who you were?

(11:59:59) SecretDemStaffer: before or after?

(12:00:16) SecretDemStaffer: before: chick in near-sprint coming toward


(12:00:18) SecretDemStaffer: after: biggest fan.

(12:00:37) SecretDemStaffer: i literally burst into a run when i saw

him about to leave.

(12:01:12) SecretDemStaffer: wish i'd seen what he left in.

(12:01:19) Wonkette: hummer

(12:01:25) Wonkette: who did you say you were?

(12:01:26) SecretDemStaffer: again: h.o.t.

(12:01:32) SecretDemStaffer: i said i'd worked on the campaign

(12:01:38) SecretDemStaffer:

(cue bemusement.)

(12:01:46) SecretDemStaffer: and that i was a true admirer.

(12:02:00) Wonkette: for those following along at home: do you want to

elaborate at all on that self description?

(12:02:35) SecretDemStaffer: to keep tabs on bush.

(12:02:59) Wonkette: so you were like the dem's karl rove!

(12:03:10) Wonkette: his opposite number!

(12:03:18) Wonkette: that means we can blame you, right?

(12:03:24) SecretDemStaffer: yes.

(12:03:27) SecretDemStaffer: not shrum.

(12:03:27) SecretDemStaffer: me.

(12:03:52) Wonkette: hey, no one *expected* shrum to win it.

(12:04:00) Wonkette: good thing i'm not publishing your email address.

(12:04:13) SecretDemStaffer:

(12:04:37) SecretDemStaffer: or

(12:04:44) SecretDemStaffer:

(12:04:47) Wonkette: thanks, mary beth. more about rove: did you learn


(12:05:38) Wonkette: anything at all? like, how's the breath? does it

smell of the freshly eaten babies?

(12:05:46) SecretDemStaffer: hands-down best-ever handshake.

(12:06:02) Wonkette: ooooh. better than kerry?

(12:06:07) SecretDemStaffer: best.

(12:06:07) SecretDemStaffer: ever.

(12:06:25) SecretDemStaffer: you know, maybe it wasn't him...

(12:06:32) SecretDemStaffer: he smiled and laughed.

(12:06:36) SecretDemStaffer: i think his eyes even crinkled in the


(12:06:47) SecretDemStaffer: i think i'm in love.

(12:06:52) Wonkette: you mean, you think it might have been, what, karl

rove's *good* twin?

[Deleted personal conversation about fate proposed "Tiger Beat" Rove

cover and what WH correspondent should write it...]

(12:09:57) SecretDemStaffer: oh, and a republican staffer slipped me a

hard copy of [mike allen's] story and whispered, "put this in your

purse to read later."

(12:10:43) SecretDemStaffer: clearly, something happened in that moment

when our hands touched.

(12:11:43) Wonkette: that's terrific to hear. i'm beginning to regret

missing it. but my date was in rome....

(12:12:37) Wonkette: so why would a GOP staffer be all excited about

mike's story?

(12:13:00) SecretDemStaffer: double-agent?

(12:13:44) Wonkette: maybe that guy who wrote the memo was a real dick

or something. personally, i'm disappointed that it turns out to be

actually from the republicans

(12:14:15) SecretDemStaffer: myths shattered about typos and GOP.

(12:14:54) Wonkette: well, yes. first disappointment is that GOP

staffers apparently are also victims of our shattered american

education system

(12:15:03) SecretDemStaffer: 39 year-old

(12:16:04) Wonkette: second disappointment: was so proud of us! finally

catching up in dirty tricks department!

(12:16:44) SecretDemStaffer: third disappointment: apparently nothing

to do with CBS.

(12:17:38) Wonkette: well powerline hasn't given up hope. i heard that

memo was faxed from a kinkos in kiliene.


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