Town Hall Appointees Not Helping President

bushmil.jpgAre the Democrats making a mistake with their filibuster strategy? We ask, because of how much success President Bush is having in an area where he's getting 100% of his nominees appointed: Social Security town hall forums. As the LA Times reports today, the White House puts out very specific casting calls for these events. They want plucky single moms who'd like more ways to help the president convince people that plucky single moms love the idea of private accounts. They want young marrieds who think the growing shortfall of carefully scripted exchanges with the president must be addressed sooner rather than later. In town hall after town hall, Bush gets exactly the appointees he asks for, and look how well his handling of Social Security reform is playing in the polls. Maybe obstructionism isn't the answer.

How Bush Makes Sure They Agree [LA Times]

Social Security roadshow losing its luster [WaPo]

Economy, Iraq Weighing Down Bush Popularity [Pew Research Center]


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