Trading Spaces, the White House Edition

We are pleased to see that the White House press corps is going to be getting a makeover. And no, we're not talking about John King, but about the actual room they "work" in. Or maybe "room" the work in. The current "veal pen" look is very Harding administration. We hear they're looking for something more "Guantanamo Bay" this time. And we'd like to correct C-SPAN's Steve Scully on his description of the digs; the place is not a "firetrap," i.e., littered with kindling and dry tinder. It's a cluttered, cramped deathtrap, wherein everyone would die instantly if a fire did in fact start by accident or otherwise -- cough, cough, Karl Rove, cough.

White House press room eyed for major renovation [WT]


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