Traditional Values Group Loved First Lady's Sex Jokes

That hoax column that fooled Matt Drudge cites an organization called the "Coalition for Traditional Values." We're guessing the column's author thought he was simply making up a phony group, but it turns out there really is a group called the Traditional Values Coalition. We think. Truth be told, the press release it issued today reads like a hoax itself. So maybe it is. Or maybe not. In any case, we're glad to see that same-sex horse-jerking fits right into the traditional values worldview. Or as TVC Chairman Louis P. Sheldon says, "We thought Mrs. Bush's remarks at the correspondents' dinner were hilarious. We are very pleased that she is America's First Lady."

Sheldon also thinks the Swift Report hoaxer was deliberately trying to defame his organization, and that his organization is being electronically persecuted simply because they're decent Christian-Americans: "Each week strange things are mailed to us, all sort of mischief is played on our computer system and our staff has to deal with a host of distractions." Uh, Mr. Sheldon? That's called spam. Non-Christians get it too. (Once again, if it turns out the Traditional Values Coalition is a giant hoax, we regret the error.)



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