Traffic, War on Terror Impeded by Moderate Senator

Trouble in Maine! A seven-car interstate accident injures five, causes thousands of dollars in damage -- but the cops won't say who caused it!

Some lady in made an illegal U-turn last week, leading to a hilarious slapstick chain of misfortune and destruction. Her name has not been released to the public, the press, or the victims -- possibly due to her "wealth" and/or "status." All we know is that she's in her late 50s, drove a "light-colored Cadillac," and is from Falmouth, Maine.

Senator Olympia Snowe is 59, drives a silver Caddy, and lives in Falmouth, Maine.

We're not sayin', we're just sayin'.

Update: It only took one hour and nine minutes for Snowe's flack to claim that the Senator was in Washington ("voting," apparently) when the accident occurred. Another victory for the blogosphere! Or something!

Police maintain silence on name of driver linked to I-295 pileup [Press-Herald]


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