Translating the Note: Something's Going on at KE04 Edition

We're pretty sure we weren't the only ones impressed with the Note's masterfully subtle reference to the shake-up now in process at KE04. We're pretty sure they were very impressed with themselves:

Drudge gets it wrong in touting Mike McCurry as poised to draw a Kerry paycheck.

But there are those who are Harbouring a willingness to Park themselves at 15th and Eye Streets. (Note apology: that's mostly for insiders . . .)

The "apology" is an especially nice touch. (Can we get them to just run it as a disclaimer every day?) We'll spell it out for the outsiders: The Glover Park Group's Joe Lockhart and The Harbour Group's Joel Johnson are rumored to be headed over to rescue the Kerry campaign (headquarters at 15th and Eye -- see how it's all coming together now?) from what some see as a series of gaffes that threaten to stall out an already sputtering machine. This has been semi-confirmed by CNN's Inside Politics, who repeated the bit about Joe -- Joel's more of an underground phenom and his name will not get the same play. As for current KE04 helmer Stephanie Cutter? Well, she's the the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful (and quietest!) human being we've ever known in our life. Everyone is very upset at the prospect of not spending more time with her. Really. It's impossible to say how sorry everyone is.

By the way, you are the last person to hear this. We can't believe how out of the loop you are.

We Hold These Truths … Pick up Hazy Joely and Killer Joe [ABC News]


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