Trash McCain the AP Way

mccainharriss.jpgMAVERICK Senator John McCain, the Rootin-Tootin'est Renegadenist Republican Outsider in town, still has a ways to go before the non-MAVERICK contingent of his party will accept him, turns out. This AP story on his trip to Iowa is hilarious -- it's just two or three people ripping on him for a couple hundred words. Slightly condensed all-trashing version:

''There's no support for McCain in this constituency, and I don't see how you can make a scenario where you can bypass us.''
In February, McCain voted to extend President Bush's tax cuts on dividends and capital gains, which he once had opposed.
''I know a lot of conservatives who were very upset with that because they wanted a showdown, they wanted the filibuster rule on presidential opponents abolished,'' said Chuck Hurley, who heads the Iowa Family Policy Center.
'His involvement in [campaign finance reform] has caused huge problems for us,'' Scheffler said.
Other conservatives expressed reservations about McCain's work with Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., to produce compromise legislation that would create a path for undocumented immigrant workers to earn citizenship.

McCain also has been on the other side of Iowa proponents of ethanol, the fuel derived from crops such as corn.

Hurley hasn't forgotten McCain's clash with religious conservatives during the 2000 campaign, when he labeled some ''evil.''
''To me that statement by McCain is an extreme slap in the face to my faith.''

Yeah, that's kind of the problem with establishing your independent street cred by cozying up to the DC media establishment... the guys in your party who actually vote hate the DC media establishment (hey, who knew we had so much in common with heartland conservatives?). And man, if you can't even sell out properly...

Anyway, this is the kind of campaign reporting we want to see for the next two years -- two guys ripping on a candidate for a doezn paragraphs with one or two defensive quotes from a CoS or something. It's the only journalistic style that reflects our own view of every single potential '08 candidate that's been named.

McCain Courting Iowa Conservatives [AP via NYT]


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