Travel Notes: Avoid Gulf Of Aden, Moldova, Anyplace Italian

  • Somali pirates love to seize ships off the African coast. Their latest victim: a Danish-owned, American-operated container ship. [Reuters]
  • The earthquake in Italy appears to have killed at least 250 people. [UPI]
  • Moldova, have you heard of this place? Little country between Romania and Ukraine? Do not visit there, because they just held an election where the Communists won a suspiciously high percentage of the vote and now people are protesting and generally restless. [BBC News]
  • Nobody really cares so much about gay marriage, as far as animating political crusades go, because they are more worried about starvation/homelessness. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • Google doesn't hurt newspapers. Newspapers hurt newspapers. [Triangle Business Journal]
  • Senators and congresspeople from defense spending-dependent areas do not care so much for the new budget proposed by Robert Gates, who appears to hate the military as much as a common Democrat. [New York Times]

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