Traveling Wonk'd: John Kerry And His Cabal Of Rude Supporters Ruin Framingham Dunkin' Donuts


Massachusetts Senator John Kerry is running for re-election and, while he's at it, defiling what is sacred ground to many a Masshole: the local Dunkin' Donuts. We get this tragic on-the-scene report from tipster "Troy."

John Kerry showed up [for a campaign stop] at a Dunkin' Donuts in Framingham, Mass yesterday. About 2 hours late, go figure -- with no apology from his people for why the Big Haired One was late. The workers in DD were very annoyed because the very rude Kerry supporters were blocking the registers so the regulars (meaning me) couldn't get to place their orders and after you say 'Excuse me' about 12 times then the Kerry supporters decided to ask if they were in the way.

The DD workers just rolled their eyes and had to say 'Sorry' numerous times to the regulars because of the rude behavior of Kerry supporters or dip shits.

Our correspondent favors candidate Ed O'Reilly, whose Web site appears not to be working at the moment. At least Ed O'Reilly is probably not a terrible asshole at Dunkin' Donuts.

Energy boost: Kerry visits Framingham [MetroWest Daily News]


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