Trayvon Martin Outrage Not at All About to Be Even More Combustible With Possible Slur on Audio


Well this is no one's idea of fun, we hope. (Yes, we know there are "people" who've been waiting and praying for a good ol' race war for decades -- centuries? -- but for the purposes of our sanity, are at the moment pretending they don't exist.)

“A listener reached out to me yesterday asking that I listen to the tape carefully," Sirius XM host Joe Madison said. "This morning when we got in, I had our engineer clean up the tape and sure enough, there it was.”

There what was? Well, it surely sounds as if George Zimmerman says "fucking coon" under his breath, at the 16-second mark, while chasing after the 17-year-old Trayvon. Could it have been something else? Sure, let's go with "it was something else." Hopefully even a terrible hoax! That's it. A terrible hoax! Our deepest sympathies go out to everyone in the world, for living here, on this Earth. [Audio, via ReddingNewsReview]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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