Trent's Lot in Life

The AP gets an advance look at Trent Lott's political memoir, Herding Cats, sure to set the largely vacant nation's capital on its ear when it's published next week. Among Lott's revelations:

-Bill Frist is a lousy turncoat who'll grab your job the moment you laud a 100-year-old-racist in public

-Bill Clinton conducts long rambling telphone confabs not merely with the interns he's banging, but with bona fide Senate leaders, too

-James Jeffords: not top of the list of GOP party-liners

-John Ashcroft's head entirely prosthetic, concealing the true physiognomy of a giant mutant space cat

OK, we made that last one up. We were getting kinda bored.

Lott Book Bemoans Frist "Betrayal" [AP, via CNN]


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