Trick Ass Bench, Mark Ass Buster

* Iraq funding bill timetables have died. All hail the new "benchmarks." [WP, NYT]

* Justice Department begins investigating its own White-Republican-Christian hiring practices and ridiculous intimidation techniques. Expect someone to have cement shoes by the end of this one. [WP, NYT]

* Gonzales though, will probably just be impeached. [NYT]

* Republican Presidential candidates will spend tonight's debate going down on Ronald Reagan. If he's lucky, President Bush might get some hand release. [WP, NYT, NYT]

* European governments set withdrawal timetables for their money if Paul Wolfowitz keeps his job. [NYT]

* House Armed Services Committee to ask, "Where the nukes at?" [WP]

* The Cosby Cabal has gotten to Barack Obama. [WP]


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