'Jesus fucking christ that's a lot of money!' - WonketteRemember when that Iraq War was pretty much going to pay for itself -- from the $20 billion in annual oil revenues! -- and certainly wouldn't cost the U.S. more than maybe $60 billion, but more likely about $10 billion? Paul Wolfowitz said this in congressional testimony so you know it must've been true. And top White House economics guy Lawrence Lindsey must've been totally wrong when he guesstimated a $100 billion to $200 billion price tag, because he was fired as soon as he mentioned that to the Wall Street Journal.

Anyway, the White House just demanded another $190 billion on top of the $602 billion Congress has already spent on Iraq (and Afghanistan, whatever that is). We're almost at $800 billion dollars, people! And you know what that means: Only $200 billion more to Victory! (By the way, U.S. gross domestic product in 2006 was $13 trillion.)

Pentagon seeks $190 bln more for Iraq, Afghanistan [Reuters]


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