Trump Beams With Sheer Joy Upon Meeting Noted QAnon Idiot.


On Thursday, President Donald Trump got an extra special treat. Three scoops of ice cream? No, better. He got a visit from prominent YouTube QAnon "researcher" (yes, they like to call themselves "researchers." It's hilarious.) and Mr. Potato Head glasses enthusiast, Lionel Lebron, and even got to take a picture with him.

Lebron, who was there for some kind of event, graciously talked about his visit to the White House for an entire half hour on his YouTube channel.

Even more impressive than that, 60,000 people watched this. I got about 15 minutes through before I died of boredom. In the video, he says the Lincoln bedroom looked like a Motel 6 and kvells over a portrait of John Tyler holding a crumpled up newspaper, symbolizing how much he hated the press.

Dude really seems to love him some John Tyler, which is weird, because literally everyone hated John "His Accidency" Tyler. Including his own party, the Whigs, which literally expelled him after his term in office on account of how much he sucked. I can honestly say that he is the first honest-to-god John Tyler fanboy that I have ever heard of.

Alas, he did not get a chance to ask Trump about QAnon. It wasn't necessary, he suggests, saying "I think we all know he knows about it." Which, sure, is probably true. It's likely that at least someone at the White House knew what his deal was, as I can't imagine they just let anyone in to pose for a picture with the president. Someone there had to go "Oh? He spends all of his time ranting about how the Democratic Party is actually a cover for a pedophile ring for elitists? SURE, LET HIM ON IN."

Will Sommer of The Daily Beast, who first broke this story, explains:

It is highly unlikely that Lebron and his spouse were simply able to casually stumble into this meeting while on a White House tour, for instance. Those familiar with how this Oval Office operates say that typically the only way that an Oval photo op between President Trump and strangers would even happen is if a senior official vouched for the guests and waved them in.

Someone totally knew, and either secretly hates him or thinks this is a very good look for him. Both options are hilarious.

I really feel like I need to point out here Lebron is 100% the weird dude who interjects in your conversation at a bar or coffee shop, and at first you're like "Oh, he's probably OK, he looks like an old beatnik or whatever, this is fine" but then he talks to you for twenty minutes about fluoride while you nod politely and desperately try to extract yourself from the situation -- and then he's there every single time you go back, and he keeps talking to you because you were polite the first time. I have known many of his kind.

Anyway, enjoy that horrible video! If you are a masochist, you can always click on it and watch even more of his absurdly long videos. I will be passing out to the dulcet tones of whatever is on the ID Channel (whatever it is, it's less depressing than Trump!). And with that, this is your open thread! Don't forget to tip your hosts on the way out, if you can!

[The Daily Beast]

Robyn Pennacchia

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